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Enabling began when I attended a viewing of Citizen Sam, a documentary of Sam Sullivan, a quadriplegic, and his political race as candidate for the mayor of Vancouver.  As I viewed Mr. Sullivan work his way through everyday life I was inspired to design something to assist in these everyday actions.  Combining this sentiment and the statistics that stated an average of 82% of new quadriplegics are males between the ages of 16-30 I had found my niche. I wanted to design an object of desire, not merely an assistive device, an object that would harness everyday actions and emphasize fashion with function.  Working with occupational therapists and rehabilitating clients there was often an emphasis on functionality in products, as this is priority, but everyone wants to “look good”.  As experiments and studies took shape, a jewelry line was the final outcome.  Harnessing current actions of a quadriplegic, the jewelry acts to brace, align, and stabilize the fingers enabling a hook, pinch and pull of objects.

Materials: Silver
Size: custom fit       
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